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The Polar Bear Prophecies

The Polar Bear Prophecies - The Days To Come

The Polar Bear Prophecies

The Days To Come

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Daniel St Amour

Genre: Channeling, Prophecies

Language: English

Pages: 50 pages

Release: August 19th, 2021

ISBN: 9782981885258

Dimensions: 12.7 x 0.41 x 20.32 cm

After ten years of absence, the legendary bear returns with prophecies of the days to come, on the destiny of mankind for the next twenty-five to forty years. An honest, funny, scathing, sometimes outrageous, but fair and realistic narration of a world in transmutation, of a humanity in the making.

No subject is taboo between the paws of the sharp-clawed bear that breaks your world apart without giving a damn. He spares nothing and no one. His direct style shocks and upsets received ideas, beliefs and disbeliefs. He gets straight to the point, straightforward.

He talks to us about economics, money and the power of money. On nature, oil, religions, the pandemic, death and paradise. On aliens, wars, journalists, fake news, scientists, floods, computer spy companies and governments. Even narcissistic perverts come under its clutches.

The politically correct is not part of his wild beast expressions, isolated in the icy Arctic, on his native land. The topics covered are short but numerous: the bear does not go around in circles, he does not stand still, he is progressive. All the subjects go through him without any embarrassment or restraint. He is delightfully arrogant, accompanied by a generous and amusing condescension.

A reading that will not leave you indifferent, and some subjects will make your neurons explode. Tie your brain securely in his cranium, you will be shaken and manhandled, but you will also be charmed by his frankness and his grumpy bear candor. A reading that will remain etched in your brains forever.

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