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Hyper-sensitive - Hyper-Empath - Sensitive

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Daniel St Amour

Genre: True Story

Language: English

Pages: 171 pages

Release: August 31st, 2021

ISBN: 9782981885289

Dimensions: 15.24 x 1.14 x 22.86 cm

After more than 25 years living with bizarre phenomena that defy understanding, the author tells here about twenty anecdotes and stories from his experiences, stories that go beyond the imagination, that defy reason, Cartesian thinking, binary thinking.

The fluidity with which the author tells his stories transport us to another world, to rarely visited and explored places of our being, in the depths of our mysteries, in our abysses, in our heavens, in our own and collective unconscious. Exceptional and unpublished stories, unique experiences of the author that he tells unashamedly and of disarming simplicity.

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